My relationship with my fiance was on the rocks and I had no clue if it was even worth saving it. I must tell you I'm not normally a person who would visit a psychic but I figured what do I have to lose. I decided to give it a shot this past September. Master Spiritualist gave me priceless advice. This man is amazing at what he does. He saved my relationship and my fiancé and I will be getting married in July. Thank you! I'll be recommending your services to anyone in need.

Jennier L.
Cypress, TX

You saved my marriage from the brink of destruction. I have been waiting a while to be able to write a good review and now I can.

Paulina B.

I really can not say enough about how much you have helped me to achieve the relationship goals I have in my life. I went from having an on-again-off-again relationship with someone I really love, to securing a full commitment. I am no longer worried that my relationship is going to slip away from me. My partner has been able to fully acknowledge their feelings towards me and to overcome their fears. I owe all of this to the metaphysical intervention and psychic advise I have received, over the course of a few weeks, from you.

Glenn G.

When I found out I might be getting a divorce I thought my life was over. There were children involved and a long history with someone whom I deeply love. I had spoken to other psychics and that just made me feel worse. I could tell that they had no idea what they were talking about and were just trying to take advantage of me. I found you to be very compassionate and really had some insight and practical solutions to apply to my situation. Your advice is helping to steer my marriage back on the right path. You are a good soul.


You recently did some amazing healing work for me. My life has taken a good turn ever since. You were very direct on the phone but everything you said was right. I mean right on. I took your advice about an important relationship from my past that I wanted to see if we had another chance. There was another chance and we got back together. I believe I could not have made that happen without you. That means a lot to me.


He helped me to get my ex back through a combination of really good advice, psychic predictions, mind reading and some really incredible metaphysical work he calls "Energy Work" and "Karma Work". I am a believer. I feel like not only did I get my ex back, by following what he had done for me, but I also broke a lifelong cycle once and for all.

Melissa H.

Back in 2010 I went through a really horrible, long, drawn out, painful divorce. A friend of mine referred me to this Master Spiritualist just for fun, to see if there was going to be someone new in my future. I didn't feel ready for that yet. But I finally caved and called anyway. Here we are 5 years later and I'm leaving a review. During those 5 years he has been the one person who I can tell everything to and the only person that I can trust 100 percent. All of his psychic predictions have come true. I read somewhere else where someone said they felt like he was their secret weapon. Well that's how I feel too. He has made my life so much better, just totally turned me around in every way. I'm so grateful to this Spiritualist.


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This help can come in the form of psychic advice or even certain metaphysical techniques. But the probability of getting any help from love spells is pretty slim. If you have already had a negative experience with trying out a love spell then you know what we are talking about. 

The Master Spiritualist saved my marriage from the brink of destruction. I have been waiting a while to be able to write a good review and now I can. Paulina B. ...This is a psychic I would use again. I was looking for love spells because I really wanted to stop a breakup. I'm glad I spoke to him instead because he was able to show me how to get my relationship on the path it should be on. Shawn J. ...You are amazing. My boyfriend was a total commitment-phobe and I thought we'd never last because of it. You really helped me out, and now my boyfriend and I are engaged! Jasmine S.

There is really nothing of a supernatural nature that is going to change a person's free will and this includes love spells. The idea of a love spell is that someone, somehow, makes a person do something they would otherwise not do. This is wishful thinking at best. However, if two people still love each other and the love is still there - in other words its only the relationship that is broken and not the underlying love itself - then a psychic can help.

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